Equipment – Korg Polysix

Since our music is based very much on electronic equipment we thought it might be of interest (for some people) to know a little more about the gear we use. First out is the Polysix!
Korg Polysix

One of the most important  parts of our setup is the Korg Polysix synthesizer. On every Social Ambitions live show this fully analogue, polyphonic beauty has blessed us whit its 32 memory patches. Synthesizers can be very heavy but this one is a light weighter when it comes to kilograms and thus very easy to carry along. Still packed with features and synthesis power it is a very versatile and reliable piece of equipment!


The Polysix is heavily used in many of our songs and one of the most beloved and used sounds we have designed with the Polysix. One of the sounds that you might recognize is the square tooth lead ¬†used in “Burning” (listen at 1:05). We use the Polysix most for leads, pads and string sounds.

Specifications (Vintage synth explorer)

  • Polyphony – 6 Voices
  • Oscillators – 1 VCO per voice (saw, PW, PWM) + 1 sub-oscillator per voice
  • LFO – 1 LFO assignable to VCA,VCF or VCO
  • Filter – Low-pass only, self-oscillates at high resonance. ADSR envelope for VCF filter.
  • VCA – VCA uses filter’s ADSR envelope or simple gate on-off
  • Effects – Chorus, phaser, ensemble
  • Memory – 32 patches
  • Keyboard – 61 keys
  • Arpeg/Seq – Arpeggiator (Up, Down, Up/Down, Latch; Full, 2-oct, 1-oct; rate 0.2 to 20 Hz)
  • Control – Chord memory, Arpeggiator sync in, CV input for VCF filter cutoff.
  • Date Produced – 1981


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