Purgatorio 07-13 – New collection album (limited edition CD)

The legendary Utah based label A Different Drum have released a unique special edition Social Ambitions CD within the VIP subscription program.

Thirteen tracks previously released between 2007-2013 collected in one CD. A few remaining copies can be available for purchase in the Social Ambitions online store (if still in stock). Artwork and photo by BergerBerger.

“Purgatorio 07-13” is the essential collection for anyone who is serious about synth pop and is a good reflection of Social Ambitions musical journey so far.


Purgatorio high end
Social Ambitions – Purgatorio 07-13 (2013 A Different Drum) 

Track listing

  1. Burning
  2. Innocence
  3. Big time
  4. Do you want to go
  5. Come closer
  6. Dead on arrival
  7. Almost gone
  8. Commandments
  9. Paris
  10. Rockers in my head
  11. Angel
  12. A man
  13. Rain
  14. Skrämselhicka
  15. Herzschlagen