EP “Time” with two new songs out Jan 13th

It’s time for “Time” – The new EP with two new songs Time, and Jag vill, written in collaboration with Vogon Poetry.

Huge thanks goes to Mystic experience for their amazing remix of “Time “and we also want to thank Daniel Bergfalk for Mix & Mastering.
The EP can be found on all major streaming services and don’t forget to catch the video for Time!

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/53kVwpFNhmZcIGNZzKMFkv?si=CY5MigodQDewafoXACpKbA
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/se/album/time-single/1662448973?l=en
Bandcamp: https://vogonpoetrymusic.bandcamp.com/album/time
Video: https://youtu.be/FhONSWqo8u4

Stars – new single out July 2

“Keep looking at the stars tonight”

Traveling at high speed through the night, guided by the stars & lights that surround you.
Feeling melancholic yet hopeful.

This is a song about following your guiding stars through life and about understanding the signs shown to you. Super smooth and slick production with a great bass line and seductive synth melodies.

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Beautiful – new single out June 3

“Everything you do – is Beautiful”

A synthesis of indie, beachwave and pleasing melodies. A tribute to everything beautiful, the passion and the wonderful feeling of cruising towards a golden beach with confidence and anticipation. This summer’s soundtrack for everyone who longed for waves, freedom and dancing to the music of the night.

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A New Frontier


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“I’ve got something, something for you!”

A song about the thin line between hot temper and passion.
About being on the verge of total release from tension.
Excitement and fear. 

Big acoustic drums and massive analogue synths.
Naïve melodies erupting into large, almost desperate chants.

The song is released together with a super electronic remix – a SYSTEMatic mix – made by SYSTEM.

This is the third single from our upcoming album – “A New Frontier”.

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Everytime – new single out May 22

“There’s nobody telling me, what to see!”

A song about always standing up for who and what you believe in – what you want to see. 
A message about showing respect for people to have their own opinions and views and as a parent standing up for our kids right to go their own way.
To be there. Everytime.

This is the single edit of “Everytime” from our upcoming album – “A New Frontier”.

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The cover artwork for this single is based on a photo of a graffiti tag. Is it ugly or pretty? Is it art or just spray paint on metal? As Anders sings in the chorus: “There’s nobody telling me what to see!”.

Do You Remember The First Time?

New single out May 8

A song about the first last time. When you meet someone and don’t want to ever part from that person. But it’s inevitable and you feel a kind of melancholic euphoria – because there is a longing.
Indie vibe synthpop with timeless and classic analogue synths.

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This is the first single from the forthcoming album “A New Frontier” a result of three years in musical quarantine where we wrote and recorded new music to heal ourselves after a hard time of separation and passing of loved ones.

The single  is released together with an psy-trance-hybrid remix by the synthwave, trance producer Peter Aries.

Anders Karlsson, Mikael Arborelius of Social Ambitions 2020
(Photo: Social Ambitions).