A New Frontier


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“I’ve got something, something for you!”

A song about the thin line between hot temper and passion.
About being on the verge of total release from tension.
Excitement and fear. 

Big acoustic drums and massive analogue synths.
Naïve melodies erupting into large, almost desperate chants.

The song is released together with a super electronic remix – a SYSTEMatic mix – made by SYSTEM.

This is the third single from our upcoming album – “A New Frontier”.

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Everytime – new single out May 22

“There’s nobody telling me, what to see!”

A song about always standing up for who and what you believe in – what you want to see. 
A message about showing respect for people to have their own opinions and views and as a parent standing up for our kids right to go their own way.
To be there. Everytime.

This is the single edit of “Everytime” from our upcoming album – “A New Frontier”.

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The cover artwork for this single is based on a photo of a graffiti tag. Is it ugly or pretty? Is it art or just spray paint on metal? As Anders sings in the chorus: “There’s nobody telling me what to see!”.

Do You Remember The First Time?

New single out May 8

A song about the first last time. When you meet someone and don’t want to ever part from that person. But it’s inevitable and you feel a kind of melancholic euphoria – because there is a longing.
Indie vibe synthpop with timeless and classic analogue synths.

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This is the first single from the forthcoming album “A New Frontier” a result of three years in musical quarantine where we wrote and recorded new music to heal ourselves after a hard time of separation and passing of loved ones.

The single  is released together with an psy-trance-hybrid remix by the synthwave, trance producer Peter Aries.

Anders Karlsson, Mikael Arborelius of Social Ambitions 2020
(Photo: Social Ambitions).

something New is coming…


Here is SA ISM I #ism

SA ISM I - Artwork by Thomas Berger
SA ISM I – Artwork by Thomas Berger

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SA ISM by Social Ambitions ask you this

Your ism?

Some suggestions to get you going.

Sexism, racism, nudism, kubism, buddhism and futurism.

Feminism, islamism, sadism, minimalism and relativism.

Industrialism, communism, satanism, nationalism, shamanism and fatalism.

Funkism, loveism, danceism, hateism and stupidism.

Dragonism, witchism… saism

The ism and you

There are rules for everyone. The are concepts and dogmas. Need more isms?

What is your ism?

About the music

Scientifically, soulfully and mystically approved by the council of SA and the saism dogma.

The first part, SA ISM I,  will be available on all relevant digital and subconscious distribution utilities in July 2016.

Best Regards,

Social Ambitions

SA ISM is coming

What is your ism? Do we need isms?

Strumming My Name (Cerberus II Edit) is out on the Let There Be Synth Vol. 5 compilation

The special “Cerberus II Edit” of the new track – “Strumming My Name” – is now available with the compilation Let There Be Synth Vol. 5. Released March 26 by Kodapa Productions.

It’s dark, haunting with staggering beats. A synth club floor filler. Cerberus is coming… “You never gonna stop me!”

Get Volume 5.2 at:
Amazon: https://amzn.com/B01D31ZHVO
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/…/let-there-be-synth-…/id1094173497
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/1fgFPt6JpxlMWNlEH9otGT
Deezer: http://www.deezer.com/album/12658168

Some other bands participating: Machinista, Dpoint, Mechatronic, Cinemascape, Vogon Poetry…

Article about the compilation from Elektroskull.com

Robot – new song released on Swedish electro compilation

Robot – The new track is now available for download with this compilation:
Swedish electro vol 3

Listen to the new song here:
Robot (Bandcamp)