Top 20 synthpop albums 2013 includes Hunger

The world’s premier synthpop blog Pansentient League ( puts Hunger amongst the “Top 20 synthpop albums of 2013“.

Thanks! We are proud and happy 😀


The rest of the magnificent list – including CHVRCHES, Henric de la Cour, Marsheaux, Depeche Mode, Little Boots, Space March, Covenant, Pet Shop Boys and Karl Bartos – is available on Spotify.















Hunger is available for purchase or streaming on all major services like iTunesCDONSpotifyDeezer.

You can order the limited edition CD online at or by sending an e-mail to or find it in-store at Pet Sounds RecordsKollaps

Purgatorio 07-13 – New collection album (limited edition CD)

The legendary Utah based label A Different Drum have released a unique special edition Social Ambitions CD within the VIP subscription program.

Thirteen tracks previously released between 2007-2013 collected in one CD. A few remaining copies can be available for purchase in the Social Ambitions online store (if still in stock). Artwork and photo by BergerBerger.

“Purgatorio 07-13” is the essential collection for anyone who is serious about synth pop and is a good reflection of Social Ambitions musical journey so far.


Purgatorio high end

Social Ambitions – Purgatorio 07-13 (2013 A Different Drum) 

Track listing

  1. Burning
  2. Innocence
  3. Big time
  4. Do you want to go
  5. Come closer
  6. Dead on arrival
  7. Almost gone
  8. Commandments
  9. Paris
  10. Rockers in my head
  11. Angel
  12. A man
  13. Rain
  14. Skrämselhicka
  15. Herzschlagen


HUNGER – the album – is out now!

We are proud to announce the release of our second full length album HUNGER.

Released June 10th 2013 by Electric Fantastic Sound as digital download & limited edition CD.

Artwork by BergerBerger (2013)

Artwork by BergerBerger (2013)






















Order the limited edition CD by sending an e-mail to or in-store at Pet Sounds Records, Kollaps

Available for purchase or streaming i all major services like iTunes, CDON, Spotify, Deezer… 

HUNGER is released by Electric Fantastic Sound, artwork by BergerBerger, mastering by Brian Hazard at Resonance Mastering.

All songs written, produced and recorded by Social Ambitions – Stockholm, Sweden 2012/2013.



Live i Stockholm på Klubb Gordon 10:e Juni 2013

Social Ambitions live på Klubb Gordon i Stockholm, samma dag som albumet HUNGER släpps den 10:e Juni 2013.

social ambitions på klubb gordon

Gordon om Hunger

…på Hunger kommer det dansanta och svängiga att balanseras av mörkare och hårdare tongångar, vilket gör det till en fullödig och rätt underbar platta…

Läs mer om spelningen på Facebook




Hitta till Lilla Nygatan 17 i Stockholm i Google maps

Visa större karta

Berget is the 3rd single from upcoming album HUNGER

With only one week left to the release of the second full length album HUNGER, here is the single BERGET. The title means “The Mountain” in English.

Artwork by BergerBerger 2013

Artwork by BergerBerger 2013

Second single Yoni Berlin from the upcoming album Hunger is out now

Free Soundcloud download of the brand new single Yoni Berlin from the upcoming album Hunger.

Artwork by Thomas Berger (BergerBerger)

Artwork by Thomas Berger (BergerBerger)






















Artwork by Thomas Berger ( and Mastering by Brian Hazard (

Released by Electric Fantastic Sound

Skrämselhicka – released 8 April 2013

Get the new single Skrämselhicka at iTunes, Spotify, Amazon or any online shop.

This is the first single from the upcoming album “Hunger” to be released for the summer 2013.

Pre-listen to the upcoming single Skrämselhicka

And here is a preview of the lyrics:


Coming soon, the new single SKRÄMSELHICKA

Single cover (2013) by Thomas Berger

Single cover (2013) by Thomas Berger

Free download compilation – Swedish Electro vol 1

Do you want to go as a give away. The facebook community Swedish Electro Scene have made a free to download compilation of 27 Swedish synth/synthpop/futurepop/electropop etc bands. Each one contributing with one track each.

Bandcamp link:

Note: Enter “0” in the payment amount field (after pressing download) for a free download.

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