New release in 2012

The band is making plans and preparations for a new release. The new music will be available in online stores, Spotify etc in early 2012.

-“It is a new and somewhat brighter side of Social Ambitions, especially when it comes to the lyrics”, says Anders.

Most of the tracks have been recorded and produced in the new studio in Södermalm in Stockholm during 2011 using well known Social Ambitions equipment such as the Korg Polysix. A sound recognized to represent the typical analogue synth feeling of Social Ambitions songs. The production skills of the due have evolved and never before have so much effort been spent on the vocal harmonies.

-“A natural progression of the SA sound and an excellent representation of our development as a band”, says Mikael. “And possibly even as people”, Anders completes.

The future of Social Ambitions looks and sounds exciting.