Angel (extended version) out now on electropop 8

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Electropop 8 (conzoom records)
Electropop 8 (conzoom records)

01. Arome Artificiel “Waiting (People Theatre`s Extended Patience Mix)”

02. Comfortable Cave Goodbye – Travel In Time (Parralox Remix)

03. Dekad “So Sorry (Extended Version)”

04. Father Tiger “Till The Morning (Extended Version)”

05. Fox Hunting “Hurting (Extended Version)”

06. Inter-Connection “Synthetic Love (Extended Version)”

07. Liebe “Time To Go (Extended Version)”

08. Matt Springfield “Thing’s I’ve Said (Peopple Theatre’s Electropop Version)”

09. Silver Factory Superstars “First Kiss (Extended Version)”

10. Social Ambitions “Angel (Extended Version)”

11. Sound Tesselated “Wonderland (Holiday Edit)”

12. Supercraft “Stranded (Extended Edit)”

13. Unique Strain “Reunion Of Love (Extended Version)”