Equipment – Yamaha CS-20M Synthesizer

The Yamaha CS-20M is a powerful and classic analogue devil. Due to its weight we have never brought it along to a live performance. That’s a shame since it has storable presents and excellent performance controls and great sound. We need to get more roadies.


Yamaha CS-20M

-“It has all the essential components of a classic synth: There is a resonant filter with switchable high, band or lowpass filtering with its own ADSR envelope controls. There is an ADSR VCA envelope generator which contains a third oscillator which generates a sine wave to modulate and enhance your sounds. And there is an LFO which can modulate the PWM sweep.” – Vintage synth explorer

Perfect as a lead aswell as a thundering bass synth. The sub oscillator brings earth quaking vibes to the basslines and some people even say it sounds like a Mini Moog.

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