The second album

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Anticipation album cover

Anticipation album cover (by Thomas Berger)

Synthpop, Dance,
Electronica, Alternative pop
Release date:
27 februari, 2012
Electric Fantastic Sound
SA/Vogel Kocksgatan, Stockholm
Robin Rudén
Cover design and photo:
Thomas Berger

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The second album. A mini-album. The most essential only.Analogue synthesizers and punchy beats.Lyrics about life and more. Contact
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Nr Title Length BPM Key
1 Rockers in my head 3:40 160 F
2 Angel 4:21 127 Em
3 A man 5:40 125 Am
4 Rain 4:00 132 Hm
5 Open field 3:46 66 F


Social Ambitions was formed 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden. Members Anders Karlsson (vocals, synthsizer and production) and Mikael Arborelius(backing vocals, synthesizers and production) write, record and produce music in their studio in Stockholm. In August 2011 the single “Commandments” was released with two previously unreleased songs.In October 2010, their debut album “Almost Gone” was released. The album contained previously unreleased material and some songs from previous single releases – Burning (2006), Innocence (2007), The Strip (2008) and Do you want to go (2010). See discography for more details.The duo is influenced by modern electronic pop, classic synth pop, electronic dance music and the drive of rock and new wave. The result is electronic pop music that bears the proud legacy of the Scandinavian sense of melody and danceable electronic rhythms.

The band has played live on numerous occasions. Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. On the group’s Facebook page contains pictures that fans and friends taken at live gigs.

Former member Frank Ekelund left the band in 2007.

Trivia: the band’s beginnings involved the duo in the SVT series “Lite som du” in the fictional band “Das Sterbhus” along with artist / musician Niels Jensen.

Mikael and Anders have different musical backgrounds but share interests and tastes when it comes to sound from analog synthesizers. Anders has among worked as a DJ, arranger for electronic music and indie pop clubs, and was a member of, among others groups, in Keyboard Cowboy and ASSID. Mikael has a background for example in synth / new romatic band Vienna, and participating as an instrumentalist and a pianist in sveral bands and contexts.

Examples of equipment the band uses the studio and on stage:

Synthesizers – Korg Polysix, Yamaha CS 20M, Roland AX-1, Nord Rack, Korg Micro Korg, Roland D50, Yamaha DX-7, Clavia DDRUM + plexipads

Computer software – Cubase, Reason, Arturia Minimoog and other software synths and production tools.